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quarantine, cold process soap, bar soap, handmade soap

 "With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts" - Eleanor Roosevelt

Hello, world! I've played around with the idea of starting some blog journal posts from my soap website for a while now. However, it always seemed like something to put off for another time. Well, here we are...in this unprecedented time in history, sheltering at home to protect ourselves and our fellow community members from the COVID-19 virus. Quarantine. The word itself seems like something from an adventure/thriller movie. But here we are living it. I started sheltering at home, like so many others, sometime mid-March 2020. It has been about one month now and our Wisconsin governor just extended sheltering for the state through the end of May. 

Before the quarantine, I mostly stayed close to home to take care of my family and make soap, so it doesn't seem like that huge of a sacrifice or shift for me. But even still, life has slowed down. I've always had a passion for archiving memories. Photo albums and scrapbooks have always been something I've work on. But now it seems like journaling is particularly important. We need to remember this time and what it meant for us as individuals, families, communities, and citizens. Also, while on lockdown, I (like many of you) am looking for ways to stay motivated and connected to other people. I liked the idea of being a vendor at farmer's markets this summer. Will that happen anymore? I'm not so sure. So what better time to start this blog than now?

I'd like to use this space to share body product recipes, explain the cold process soap-making process, talk about the different essential oils used in my soaps, and provide a window into my life in Wisconsin. 

If you are reading this first-ever Terra Flora Naturals blog post - hello! Stay strong, stay safe, stay home and know that each new day brings a new possibility for a better world. It's up to us to stick together and look out for each other's best interests. I took the photo above in my backyard one foggy morning this past month. I couldn't help think how it represented the stillness of the time and how it is up to ME to make the most of a new day, with a fresh perspective.


Below is a new recipe I tried out and LOVE! 100% coconut oil soap. Just coconut oil and lye, mixed together and cured for 4 weeks to create a moisturizing bar.

cold process soap, handmade soap, 100 % coconut oil soap

Another test recipe I am loving right now...Rosemary Mint. I think I might call it 'Healing Garden'. The world could use some healing magic right now. 

rosemary mint, bar soap

I'm starting spring seeds in my dining room to grow lots of calendula (and other medicinal herbs) this summer in my garden. I plan to infuse the calendula in olive oil to create ultra-healing soaps, lip balms, etc. 

herbalism, seed starting, natural body care products

 My last market sale...something I am not sure will happen this summer. 

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, market, handmade soap



cold process soap, handmade soap



  • Thanks for the feedback, @Jay! I appreciate hearing from customers on how they experience my products.

    Lesley Johnson
  • I’m highly allergic and skin sensitive to soaps and smells and stay 2 aisle away from the soap row in stores. After trying your soaps it doesn’t aggravate my sensitivity’s at all and leaves a nice gentle Lavender scent that you have to smell for and not run away from. Thank -You for your soaps

  • Hi, @Dayna! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the kind words. : )

    Lesley Johnson
  • Your soaps are so beautiful and, with your descriptions, I could almost imagine I was smelling them. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your products.


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