Healer's Garden Bar Soap

Healer's Garden Bar Soap

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Handmade Bar Soap made with oils your skin will love. No artificial fragrances or colorants used. Ingredients include: saponified oils (olive, coconut, sunflower, castor, shea butter), sodium lactate, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, and sweet marjoram essential oils and colored with beneficial Cambrian blue clay. If you are a fan of Rosemary/Mint, this one is for you. 

**Side note: this soap is named for the heroine of my favorite book series, 'Outlander'. Her name is Claire and she is a time traveler and a healer (in the 1700s) and a doctor in modern times. She would have harvested these herbs in her garden. I named this one for Claire, the 'Healer'. I hope she would approve. 

Olive oil is a very good moisturizer because it attracts external moisture, holds the moisture close to the skin and helps to prevent loss of moisture. It is a mild skin cleanser. 

Coconut oil is moisturizing to the skin, while providing good cleansing power. 

Sunflower oil contains skin-enhancing ingredients, such as potassium, vitamins B and E, and omega-6 fatty acids. 
Sunflower oil is safe for all skin types. It helps protect and restore combination skin, without leaving a residue. 

Shea butter has great moisturizing abilities.

Castor oil helps produce a bubbly bar of soap. It is thought to have anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. 

Cambrian blue clay is especially valued for its skin balancing properties, which makes it perfect for taking care of oily, combination, and problem skin. It absorbs excess oils from the pores and skin surface, as well as regulates sebum secretion without stripping the skin off moisture.

Item weighs approximately 4.5 oz. after cure time. Please keep dry between uses (such as on a soap rack) to lengthen soap life.